Standard Kenmore Fridge Sizes

There really doesn’t seem to be a standard fridge size anymore. I’m talking more about capacity than width or depth. However, when you look through fridges and find the most basic lines check out the capacities of those. These will be the cheapest. Here are a few in both the small to mid-size capacity wise.

Kenmore 79014 19 Cubic Ft.

Ironically this isn’t as cheap as some of the 22 or 23 cubic ft. designs that Kenmore offers. There are some upgrades such as an icemaker, water dispenser, and glass fridge shelves. It also has clear crisper drawers which I wish I had because I often forget when I have fresh produce until it’s too late. Of course the upgrades add to the cost, but usually you just have a few choices and none of them use a lot of technology in this size.

The smaller sizes usually have fewer reviewers which is another way you can discern whether you’re getting a standard size or not. Reviewers like the more modern handles. Usually Kenmore uses pretty oversized handles but not on this model. It even comes with a sliding shelf to make room for taller items.

I did read that some reviewers were even using this with a small family when I thought that the size would only be suitable for one or two people. The buyers seemed pretty happy with the overall space and liked the bisque color.

Kenmore 69299 22.1 Cubic Ft

This one also has the more modern hidden handles and it’s close to the same price tag. However, you are sacrificing an icemaker and water dispenser for more cubic feet. It comes with the “spill-proof” glass shelves. These have a lip so that liquids don’t spill onto the food below.

The reviews are somewhat confusing just because some comment on an icemaker when the description clearly says that there isn’t one in this unit. It doesn’t even seem to be optional. This frees up even more room from the previous design because you won’t have this taking up space. The other discrepancy is that there may be a difference in the actual depth with the information that Sears and Kenmore provides. If you are trying to work with this in a tight space or with your existing cabinetry than you may want to go to the showroom to measure it.

Also, many reviewers complained about the vents. You aren’t supposed to block them which takes up some of your storage space and also they seem to be pretty delicate with the control. Also, the finish on the exterior may be prone to scratching. There were multiple complaints from each opposite of the spectrum about the doors. Some buyers found that they wouldn’t close properly unless they had some weight in them; while others thought that they were too heavy to close unless filled with lighter weight items.

Kenmore 72153 21 Cubic Feet

This is still in the same price range as the other two models although it does cost slightly more. It’s Energy Star rated with glass shelves. It has a stainless finish so I was curious as to what buyers were giving up to stay in this price range.

I was surprised that the stainless model didn’t seem to have any reviews. Consumers might be more budget conscious or keeping their older appliances when buying in these smaller dimensions.

I did read through the reviews on the cheaper white model. There we problems with Sears’ customer service but that doesn’t speak too much about the actual appliance. It seems that reviewers were largely using this as an inexpensive second fridge. Usually these are in out of the way area like a garage. This also helped me determine why people weren’t splurging for the stainless steel option as much as on other models.

When looking for cheap fridges keep the cost of remodeling your kitchen in mind. You may be able to find a model that will fit the existing space without a lot of renovation or moving cabinetry. If your kitchen is older than ten years since it’s last renovation though you may have to stick with slightly smaller and more standard fridge dimensions to get an appliance that will fit.