Samsung Icemakers

Samsung is a higher end brand. It also doesn’t have a lot of options for icemakers. They don’t have many of the kits if you want to install it yourself. Also, you’re almost always paying for this whether you want it or not. Most of the refrigerators come with one. Really, the only option you have is whether you want an exterior ice and water dispenser or not. Here is an overview of how their icemakers hold up compared to other brands.

Samsung RFG238AARS

This is a counter depth design with 22.5 cu. ft. This is also a French door style and the MSRP is $3299. The description is a little confusing. Some reviewers say that it has two icemakers. This would be a huge selling feature that they should really advertise more in their main descriptions. It does say that it has an additional ice maker in the freezer, but I would really check with a customer service agent before buying it. Users seemed to like the capacity of the icemaker although some still said that it couldn’t keep up with hot summer usage. I guess that’s another variable that should be considered for reviews; where the person lives and what time of year they are leaving the review. I usually only just consider family size.

Samsung RF4267HAWP

This uses the “Thru the Door” icemaker. It’s a white finish French door style with a Flexzone Drawer. The MSRP is $3299. The icemaker may be noisy but it seems to produce enough. You also can get crushed ice according to some reviewers which is nice. Overall they seemed to be pretty happy with this entire fridge; not just the icemaker.

Samsung RF267AEWP

This is a White Pearl French door fridge. I do like the doors that have the “self-closing” French door trademark. This is a common problem with this configuration as many reviewers have to get used to closing the doors more deliberately than they had on their previous fridges. The MSRP is $2699. There were some serious issues with water pooling and others felt that the icemaker was much louder than it should be.

Whether the icemaker is on the interior or the exterior didn’t seem to make a huge difference. Usually most brands have much more trouble with in-door icemakers to the point that many savvy shoppers won’t even touch them at all. However, Samsung seems to have been able to make them equal at least for the most part.

Some reviewers did say that the ice had a funny plastic taste to it. This is common with most icemakers. You will want to read the instructions first because usually you’re supposed to throw out your first few buckets of ice in order to prevent this.

What’s remarkable about these refrigerators has very little to do with the icemaker and everything to do with the rest of the reviews. Finally, there are fridges out there where the word “quality” is used over and over in the reviews although you definitely do pay for that. Every size of their fridges has high end features and looks which is also why it’s unlikely that you will find one without an icemaker. Reviewers appreciate it when they can get small appliances that are high on style.

Samsung icemakers don’t solve a lot of the problems that icemakers universally have such as being too loud or not having the ability to produce ice quickly enough. There are some models that supposedly have two icemakers in them but the idea of dual icemakers is also found from other brands. I can’t really recommend a perfect brand if you need a lot of ice just because there are always so many issues with these. Instead, let the main focus be on the refrigerator portion because most icemakers will lead to one disappointment or another. At the best they are purely functional but these don’t usually get a lot of rave reviews no matter how much you paid for it.