Refrigerators that are 35.8 Inches Wide

If you’re looking for a fridge that is exactly 35.8 inches wide then you will have a little bit of trouble. However, if you can go anywhere in the 35.8”-35.9” range then you will have plenty of options. Here is a little bit of what is available.

Samsung RSG309AARS

I was happy to see a side by side configuration from Samsung. This is generally a higher priced brand. However, it’s usually cheaper to get a side by side style instead of a French door fridge. This one is pretty large too just because it has 29.6 cu. ft. It also has some upgrades like a digital display with apps. Reviewers did like this feature. I don’t know if I would ever use it enough to justify the price so make sure that you need this consistently.

The icemaker was a problem for reviewers. It just didn’t seem to be able to produce ice quickly enough. The LED lighting seems to be pretty dark too. It might be a case of just not having enough lights. In fact, Samsung is the only company where I’ve read this complaint. Usually, dim lighting is just for really cheap models where there isn’t even a light in the freezer. That is always complained about. However, when you’re in a price range where you are dealing with LED lighting such as with this system it almost always gets positive reviews. However, some found the apps to be problematic so make sure that this isn’t the main reason why you are buying the fridge.

Bosch B22CS50SNW

From an aesthetic standpoint Bosch side by sides are usually one of my favorites. This is a counter depth model. You will probably pay over $2000 for this 21.7 cu. ft. model. Surprisingly enough that’s a pretty good price for a counter depth. Plus, it’s difficult enough to find a side by side with lots of extra features; let alone a counter depth one. This is part of the Linea 500 series. It has a FreshProtect box and a Multi-Flow cooling system.

The noise level really seemed to be the reason why the star ratings took just huge hits on this one. The icemaker also has a tendency to go everywhere which is a problem I’ve read about on other Bosch appliances. The icemaker also doesn’t seem to be able to produce a lot. There were even multiple complaints about the layout as you can’t get to some drawers or bins without opening up the door all the way. There were a lot of people who were swearing off this brand completely over this fridge. Unfortunately, these problems don’t seem to be unique to this unit. I think most shoppers are drawn to this line because of the aesthetics and how the brand always brags about its “German Engineering”.


GE isn’t making this one anymore, but it is one of the cheaper options. Granted, it’s still going to be around $2000; but compared to Bosch it is cheap. It also offers more of a mid-range at 24.9 cu. ft. It has beveled doors and uses GE Reveal lighting. It has a stainless finish too. There weren’t any reviews on this so I couldn’t figure out if this was reliable as I usually expect from this brand.

Each brand seems to offer something different. They have to so that their fridges stand out amongst all of the other ones that look really similar; or might even be cheaper. For Samsung, it’s technology with upgraded digital displays where on some units you’re supposed to be able to check the weather. GE has tried to maintain its reputation of being reliable. Bosch has upgraded exteriors. I recommend making a list of what is the most important to you before you ever look at fridges. Sometimes you’ll see something that you didn’t know you needed, and then suddenly you have to have it. This can lead to you spending more money and getting a fridge that doesn’t work as well.

Out of any size I found that this one had the most upgrades; it also made it the most expensive. Almost every appliance I looked at offered either a counter depth size or it had a large capacity. The exception to this was the GE fridge; which you can’t find in stock just anywhere because they aren’t manufacturing it anymore. Unfortunately the reviews just didn’t hold up to these high price tags.