Larger Capacity Frigidaire Fridges

I always want to know why the price of fridges goes up so much for just a few cubic feet of storage space. It seems like many brands know that this is the size or dimensions that consumers want and then they make them pay for a lot of extra features. I wanted to find out if Frigidaire was also doing within their larger capacity fridges, and what exactly this term “large capacity” translated to in actual cubic feet from this brand.

Frigidaire FGHB2846LF 27.8 Cubic Ft.

Like with many other Frigidaire fridges this just wasn’t as available as at many sites as I’m used to seeing from other brands. Also, it didn’t have very many reviews; possibly because it is one of the more expensive models.

The one review did complain about a knocking noise and having trouble getting a repairman to actually fix it. I do have this same problem on a different brand of fridge and on a different model. It’s always funny to see guests try to answer the door before I stop and tell them it’s the fridge. However, the rest of the time it can really be annoying especially if you have an open layout floor plan. It may be so loud that it’s difficult to watch TV in the same room with it.

FGHB2844LP 27.8 Cu Ft

This is a French door style that is technically Energy Star rated. Even though it is a larger capacity it does seem to have a pretty high energy use at $60 a year. This is slightly cheaper but it’s in white. The few reviews I did find on this one were really unhappy with the icemaker as it doesn’t work constantly and also can be noisy.

The descriptions have some discrepancies too. On one site it’s just listed as “white” on another it’s listed as “Pearl White”. The manufacturer also states that it’s this finish and it’s also from the Gallery line. I would look at it in a showroom to make sure that it will match your other appliances.

This model served as a good chance to see what else you had to take along with these higher capacities. It’s supposed to use a PureSource filter system for the ice and water. It has a lot of added trademarks for the shelves and drawers such as Store-More and SpillSafe. It does come with a wider drawer for those hard to store sheet cakes and party platters. It also has a Sabbath Mode.

I was expecting at least one standout feature at this price point. Most brands offer some technology that you can’t find anywhere else. You don’t necessarily need it; but at least it makes you feel like you’re getting your money out of it. I didn’t really feel this way as much about the Gallery line. A lot of the shelving systems and features have different incarnations in other fridges. I haven’t really done a lot of research at how difficult it is to find an appliance with Sabbath mode, but I have occasionally run across them with other brands.

Frigidaire FGUB2642LF 25.8

Even though this has fewer cubic feet I didn’t see a significant reduction in cost. It uses a lot of the same trademark systems as the previous model and is in a stainless finish. The reviews were slightly higher on this one but are still skewed just because there aren’t enough of them. Again, the icemaker was problematic.

Since this is going to take up so much space this is one instance where I almost prefer the stainless steel finish. I like the cool lighting systems that ensure that this fridge gets noticed. Since everyone is going to be looking at it because of the size; you mine as well make it look good!

I think that it would only be fair that you can get a bare bones model in any finish in any size. Unfortunately, no matter the manufacturer you seem to always have to take problematic icemakers and innovative storage systems that you don’t need along with a larger capacity. Frigidaire doesn’t seem to be any different in this respect; but I didn’t find that the larger capacities were any more expensive either.