Amana and Bosch Refrigerators Under 22 Cubic Feet

Usually the smaller sizes are less expensive, to a point. If you need an apartment or mid-size fridge sometimes these are even more expensive than a full size. I wanted to compare two different brands, one high end like Bosch, and one more standard such as Amana. I felt this would give me a good grasp of the features available in this size as well as the overall price options.

Amana ABB1924WEW 18.5 Cubic Ft.

I was a little bit confused by this fridge at first just because it’s in a plain white finish but it’s a lot more expensive than what I’m typically used to seeing from Amana. It does have a more contemporary style bottom freezer.

You will have to add on the icemaker so that isn’t really the reason either. There are some technologies like Spillsaver, Easy Close, and Easy Freezer, as well as QuickSplit which all have to do with the interior drawers and shelves being as functional as possible which is vital for these smaller fridges. It is Energy Star rated though which may be part of the reason for the higher price. The door is lightweight enough that it might not close firmly.

The biggest selling point for buyers seems to be that it fit into their existing layout which is why they chose it and paid more for it. The unsatisfied reviewers seemed to almost always have been switching out from older and more reliable Amana models. It seemed to be a case of “they don’t make them like they used to”.

Bosch 21.7 Cu. Ft. B22CS50SNS

It’s easier to tell right away why this one is more expensive. I knew just from looking at the price range as well as the size that it had to be a counter-depth model. Also, it has a stainless finish. Usually you want this design so that the fridge doesn’t overtake your room either visually or physically if you have a smaller kitchen. Reducing the amount of cubic feet down to the bare basics also helps with this.

Even though this model can be twice as expensive as the previous model the reviewers weren’t as high. Granted, people do tend to expect more out of appliances that cost more. If they feel like they are getting a bargain they might be more likely to just live with a few minor inconveniences. Also, it’s a side by side configuration instead of just a simpler single style.

Some reviewers had problems with this like you’d find with any small space fridge. You have to check the clearances and dimensions extremely carefully when you’re really tight on space. Consider how bottom drawers will open and the type of hinges to make sure that it’s fully functional in your kitchen.

Most of the problems here weren’t about the size but about getting used to the new brand and design. This includes dealing with different customer service. The Linea series does use a door alarm which should be convenient in theory but always seems to be problematic. There were also issues with frost and faulty doors. There just weren’t very many rave reviews about this one at all.

Bosch B22CS30SNS 22.1 Cubic Ft.

If you can find this on sale it may be cheaper even though it offers many of the same looks and features plus slightly more square footage when it’s compared to the above model. Apparently even though it’s stainless steel you might be able to use magnets on it. However, again it seems like you want to get the highest protection plan or service guarantee you can with this brand. There were multiple reports of it dying. The reviewers were slightly better but were in no way rave reviews like some of the Amana models received.

Sticking with these smaller fridges did seem to allow you to get into lower price points in either brand. In the case of Bosch though you would still be stuck with paying for higher end features. Also, some of the really smaller sizes have an inherent risk with them. Fewer people are buying them, so there are fewer reviews to work off of if you choose to buy online.