23 Cubic Foot Refrigerators

In the 23 cu. ft. range you have one of the widest choices of brands that you’ll find. I wanted to do a little research to figure out some price comparisons. I also wanted to look at the reliability of each model and see which one had the best reviews.

Samsung RFG237AARS

This is the fridge to consider if you want to have all of the trendy features in one appliance. It’s counter depth. It’s a French door style. It has a stainless finish. What’s the catch? Well, the MSRP is $3199. Reviewers were happy with this price because of the counter depth configuration. In fact, I saw more reviews on this counter depth model than I’ve probably come across on any other one.

Some reviewers remarked that this was too tall. The reviewers who had to deal with customer service because of cooling problems or minor fixes weren’t happy with the repair work or the amount of time it took to get repairs done. The ice maker couldn’t keep up with the demands for lots of use. I did appreciate that some reviewers came back after a year or two to say that nothing had broken and they still loved it. More concerning were reviewers who came back a few years after that and said that it was no longer repairable.


This 23.1 cu. ft. fridge certainly isn’t as stylish as the previous unit. You can however, get it between $1200-$1400. It is a bisque side by side. I do like that the door bins are clear and the shelves are supposed to slide out for cleaning. The plastic shelves weren’t as durable as some might like and it can make a few annoying sounds. The freezer was also a little bit narrow for some as several reviewers remarked that it was difficult to put a full size pizza in the freezer section.

Kenmore 51376

This is also a side by side style. It’s from the Kenmore elite brand. The “regular price” is $2409 which is a tactic Sears and Kenmore often take to give you a few hundred dollars’ worth of savings. There were fewer reviews on this one but they were mostly positive. Like with some of the previous models reviewers felt that the icemaker just couldn’t produce ice quickly enough.


This is a more modern looking side by side. It’s a stainless steel 23.5 cubic ft. model. I didn’t feel like there was a clear winner here. You would need to decide which was more important to you aesthetics or price and this will vary wildly from situation to situation. I was surprised that there weren’t reviews on this one just because LG is such a popular brand. However, probably most buyers would opt for a French door style if they were going to be paying close to or over $2000 for a fridge.

I felt that comparing all of these brands in the same cu. ft. range really brought out what each one’s faults and strengths were. It also highlighted that there is no such thing as a perfect fridge. You might pick a model that has 50+ good reviews and you will be the unfortunate one who ends up with a lemon with compressor failure or lots of breaking parts. I was glad to see that some companies were still making cheaper fridges that don’t have all of the exterior upgrades for those who are on a budget. I really don’t know if there is one brand anymore who gets it right all of the time, or even most of the time which is why such extensive research is involved when buying appliances.

This is from the Studio Series and uses a lot of the same trademarks that I see on their other fridges. The water dispenser is made to accommodate pitchers. It uses the SpacePlus ice maker and SmoothTouch controls. I initially thought that this brand would win just because it usually does have such good ratings; but since there weren’t any I can’t tell how it competes with the other refrigerators.