18.1 Cubic Foot Capacity Refrigerators

This fridge size is a good one to go with if you want a GE brand. I wanted to take the opportunity to showcase the different features and prices that GE offers; all in the same size. It was also a good chance to see the different reviews.


The MSRP of this 18.1 cu ft. top freezer fridge is $629. It has room for gallons of milk in the door. At least the way that the GE site has it displayed; they have multiple gallons of milk in the door. Hopefully, it would be strong enough to maintain this in real life. It uses wire shelves and the crispers aren’t clear.

This didn’t have the positive reviews that I’ve heard about before. It seems like some of the cheaper models in white have a tendency to discolor. I’ve read this about different item numbers across this brand. The biggest complaint was noise and that GE said it was just a normal noise.


You could also choose this 18.1 cu. ft. white top freezer style. The MSRP is $629. For that small adjustment in price you do get some upgrades. This uses glass shelves and clear crispers. It also has can storage in the door. The freezer does have pretty close to the same layout as the previous one. This is also an energy rated model.

Would this make the same unusual and persistent noises as the other one that GE said couldn’t be fixed? It certainly looks that way. It also didn’t provide enough storage space for some users. It’s confusing because those who left positive reviews remarked about how quiet it is.


This white top freezer looks very similar and also has 18.1 Cu. Ft. It does come with an icemaker though which is why the MSRP is $749. Reviews weren’t available on this one so it’s hard to tell if there is the persistent noise that comes from the other two models.

General Electric GTN18CBDWW

This is one of the models with a more basic shelving system. It uses wire shelves; but also has one in the freezer. It doesn’t have a “snack drawer”. I’ve had a lot of basic fridges in apartments over the years and have never had to do without this feature. The exterior is slightly different though because it does have recessed handles.

I was expecting a few more reviews on all of these models just because it had an entry level price tag. It seems like these would be reliable, cheap fridges but they seem to be really noisy. In fact, I don’t even know how this would function as a second fridge unless it was really far away from the main living area where you can’t hear it. It was pretty funny to read all of the descriptions of the various sounds it makes though. GE is a brand that insists that all fridges are noisy and won’t repair it; even if it is interruptive to your day to day life. However, a few reviewers did remark on the various models that it was one of the quietest fridges that they’ve ever heard. I don’t know if this was just relative or if some units were just worse than others.

I was also disappointed that there just weren’t more reviews in general. If you are looking for a white top freezer style that will hopefully be reliable then GE can work well if you can handle the noise issues.

What I didn’t find in this size was an upgraded model made for smaller spaces. It seemed to be more of the standard finishes. There were a few glass shelves; but also units with wire shelves. Some brands don’t even carry this anymore. That is also probably why they are so inexpensive. It doesn’t seem to be the best size and brand combination if you’re working with a small space but still want some cool features. I was pleased to see so many Energy Star ratings though which is pretty unique for such a low price point. In fact, these fridges are some of the cheaper ones that I’ve found so I was surprised to see that it was from such a big name like General Electric.