17 Cu. Ft. Refrigerators

In the 17-18 cubic ft. range you will find all different brands. This includes Sub-Zero, Amana, and Haier. This also means that you can spend a few hundred dollars or a few thousand depending on the aesthetics and cooling systems you want. I also wanted to browse through these units and see if they would all be in a top freezer style or if there were different configurations offered.

Sub-Zero BI-30UO

This is what Sub-Zero refers to as its “over and under” style. The MSRP is $7600 for the overlay version which is the model number for this appliance. You will have to spend more money on a stainless look. It has a bottom freezer drawer and air purification. It’s supposed to match your cabinetry both in the style and also the size. I find this single door style to be much more convincing than a double door style with panels. That version will always have a middle seam which usually comes in black, white, or stainless steel. It’s then a huge giveaway that this isn’t a cabinet; it’s an appliance. This style from Sub-Zero is one of the most convincing I’ve seen at actually looking like a cabinet. However, I don’t know if the reliability and the price range meet up just because there weren’t any reviews to read through; it’s probably out of most shoppers’ price ranges. Also, the capacity is 17.4 cu. ft.


I was surprised to see this top freezer black unit from Amana. It was in the $1000 range and I thought that it would be slightly cheaper than that. It does have glass shelves though and a deli drawer. It is by no means an expensive fridge; it’s just expensive for Amana. Also the capacity is slightly larger than the last one even though it is much cheaper. It comes in at 17.5 cu. ft.


This model is larger still at 17.6 cu. ft. It has an Energy Star rating and a stainless finish. It also is a bottom freezer style. It uses several half width shelves. These seem to be more popular than full width shelves at least from what I’ve read about on other models from other manufacturers. It’s easier to accommodate tall items this way. You also have several places to put milk in the door. A lot of the cheaper fridges will advertise gallon storage but usually it just has space for one gallon of milk.

HBQ18JADB from Haier

I looked up this unit in hopes that I could finally track down a review. Granted, it’s the same as the last model but in a black finish. Again, there weren’t any reviews.

I knew that there would be a lot of different price points in this size. I wasn’t anticipating how much they varied. I also was surprised to see the different styles offered like a bottom freezer drawer. I thought that at least one company would venture into the French door style but I guess the capacity is still too small for that. If you need a small fridge with an upgraded exterior design then this is one of the smaller dimensions where you can easily achieve that.

I think the biggest lesson that you can take away from this is that higher capacities don’t necessarily mean higher price tags. You could easily get a side by side with a lot more storage but it wouldn’t have all of the exterior upgrades that these fridges have and it might not be Energy Star rated.

I also learned that at Sub-Zero there is no such thing as a cheap fridge. It’s just not a price range that they really cater to. That is how they end up creating so many innovative and beautiful designs. Even the smaller capacities were astronomical in my mind so you couldn’t get an “entry level” fridge in this brand by sacrificing on your storage space a little bit. It was nice to see how they take design to the next level with really cool door features and cooling systems. However, the price tag always disappoints me a little bit right after I’ve fallen in love with the aesthetics of their refrigerators.